Remote Design With Enhanced Lab on the Cloud Environment

Cloud-connected lab accelerates board configuration with advanced new GUI and testing for voice, mobile and other complex applications

In a piece of exciting news that will equip designers with greater configuration flexibility and engage more user experience, Renesas Electronics Corporation has now enhanced its Lab on the Cloud environment with new advanced GUI features and better design parameters. Not only does it simplify configuration and testing but also helps quicken the time to market.
The cloud-connected lab enables remote access, configure, test, monitor and measure Renesas solutions instantly 24×7. Because it includes a variety of evaluation boards for popular devices, users can simply access the lab with a PC-based GUI that instantly configure and test designs – without requiring a physical board in hand. The addition of 14 popular evaluation boards to the Lab on the Cloud environment increases the existing list to 23 different boards that can address various application segments. 
The new boards are:

High-efficiency IoT battery system 
Industrial CAN Sensor Network
Voice Recognition Solutions
Capacitive Liquid Level Indicator
Multi-Purpose Air Quality Sensor Solution
Ultra-Low Power RE01 Voice recognition for IoT edge
FemtoClock2 Evaluation Kit
Surveillance Camera with CMOS Sensor 
IEEE 1588 Solution 
Household Smoke Detector
Simplified Contactless Thermometer
80V Dual Synchronous Buck Controller Evaluation Board
Super Capacitor Based Terminal Backup Power Supply
Flexible MCU-based 6-Channel Power Sequencer

Speaking of features, the new user-friendly GUI introduces new parameters for control and monitoring. On top of that, the ergonomic lab layout and intuitive user interface allow quick and easy navigation. For instance, the centralised live camera feed gives users a live view of the complete lab setup and results, including the ability to zoom in and out on real-time testing and data capture readings. Thanks to advanced implementations in test setups and control for voice recognition, mobile applications and power supply, users can complete complex testing such as transient performance, in just a few mouse clicks. 
Several new options for components have also been added such as:

Renesas Femtoclock2 point-of-use timing devices
Small and low power <100fs clock generation 
Jitter attenuation solution

Additionally, new sections to the Lab on the Cloud suite include:

Power supply
Voice recognition and control
Safety and surveillance
Industrial communication
IEEE 1588/5G computing and communication

“As application requirements continue to change rapidly, customers are looking for a powerful yet flexible and easy-to-use approach to design configuration and testing,” said DK Singh, Senior Director of the System and Solutions Team at Renesas. “We are continually working to make designing with Renesas products easier and faster, and the enhanced Lab on the Cloud environment takes product selection and testing capabilities to the next.”

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