Littelfuse, Inc. today announced the compact cartridge fuse series available that’s rated at 500Vac/Vdc with current ratings from 40A to 63A and a 10,000A interrupting rating.  
The 607 Series high-current, high-voltage cartridge fuse, designed for overcurrent protection applications, provides a robust solution for demanding high-voltage power supply circuits. The 500V fuse rating is suitable for both AC and DC inputs. With a 10mm x 32mm cartridge body, a single 607 fuse requires less board space than previous designs that used multiple lower current rated fuses in parallel. As a result, designers can reduce the board space they reserve for protection components when designing high wattage equipment. 

Typical applications for 607 Series High-current Cartridge Fuses include:

EV Charging
HVAC systems
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Inverters and rectifier

“Today’s power designers need greater layout flexibility to help reduce the size of their high-wattage designs while increasing reliability,” said Style Liu, Global Product Manager, Electronics Business Unit at Littelfuse. “Not only does the 607 series offer a very compact footprint that saves board space, but also offers a very high interrupt rating and a high current rating when compared to similar fuses on the market.”
The 607 Series High-current Cartridge Fuses offer these key benefits:

The compact cartridge fuse series is available with a high 500V rating for both AC and DC, and current ratings from 40A to 63A. 
High interrupting rating ([email protected]/500Vdc) provides a solution for dual voltage source power supplies suitable for a wide variety of applications.
End caps with integrated stand-off leads eliminate the need for mounting accessories or lead-forming processes.
Operating temperature range from -55˚C to 125˚C provides reliable protection in extreme temperature environments.
Environmentally-friendly component that is RoHS compliant, halogen-free, and 100% Pb free.


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