General Summary

Power grid design and signoff for high speed CPU core.

4-10 yrs experience in Physical Design and power grid design analysis for high speed cores.
Should have good exposure to high frequency design convergence for PDN and descent exposure to physical design methodology.
Masters/Bachelors Degree in Electrical/Electronics science engineering with at least 4+ years of experience in IC design.
Experience in leading block level or chip level Physical Design and PDN activities.
Work independently in the areas of RTL to GDSII implementation.
Ability to collaborate and resolve issues wrt constraints validation, verification, STA, Physical design, etc.
Knowledge of low power flow (power gating, multi-Vt flow, power supply management etc.)
Circuit level comprehension of time critical paths in the design Understanding of deep sub-micron design problems and solutions (leakage power, signal integrity, DFM etc.)
Tcl/Perl scripting Willing to handle technical deliveries with a small team of engineers.
Strong problem-solving skills.

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelors – Computer Science, Bachelors – Engineering, Bachelors – Information Systems
Work Experiences:
4+ years Hardware Engineering experience or related work experience.

Location: Bengaluru
Company: Qualcomm

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