Electronicsforu.com used to have a FORUM a few years ago.
Then, our Design Engineer’s Community on Facebook started gaining ground, and many of you shifted to that platform to ask your queries and help others.
We though that the forum was no longer needed, and shut it down.
We were wrong!
In the last couple of years Facebook has fine-tuned its algorithm to focus more on personal and family messages, and for the rest–one needs to Boost them by paying Facebook.
This made things challenging for all of us to benefit from our Facebook community. We started seeing a huge increase in technical queries from you across our chat and email platforms. When we suggested that try asking on the Facebook community, we got negative feedback.
This made us sit up, and realise our mistake.
Our team then started working on setting up an ELECTRONICS FORUM for all of you to start exchanging your queries and ideas.
The good news is that the FORUM is now and has been made LIVE on the website.
Also, if you are a registered member of our website, you will be able to post.
We’ve turned on a MENU option too.
Feel free to start sharing your queries here, and helping your peers by replying to their queries.
Plus, we are seeking admins for forums to manage and drive discussions. We will be recognising and rewarding those of you who will be good admins and drive forums.
If you’re interested, write to [email protected] while mentioning which FORUM/TOPIC do you want to administrate, and we will review and make you the admin.
We plan to have up to 5 admins for each forum or topics, and perhaps up to 10 for very popular ones.

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