You would be part of

Designing/Improvement of new/existing architectures of distributed computing with subcomponents of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
Working/Researching with industrial state of the art sensor systems and modules, and developing drivers (HAL or wrapper) and applications around their usage.
Design and implementation of communication protocols between different subcomponents of UAS for distributed computing.
Writing Applications and Drivers from the scratch for (embedded)linux based systems.
Scripting and automations around work flows of UAS usage.
Working with existing sophisticated software stacks of subcomponents of UASs.
Working closely with electronics, design and systems teams for architecture development and deployment.
Working closely with Flight Controller engineers to do collaborative development of UAVs.

We expect you to be

Experienced in hands-on development of complex embedded systems involving multiple microcontrollers or SoCs.
Very good in analytical abilities to be able to do core research and development activities.
Able to write low level drivers (wrapper or core) from the scratch.
Very comfortable reading and understanding datasheets and reference manuals of microcontrollers, peripherals, sensors etc.
Able to understand existing complex embedded software stack written in C/C++.
Solid in C.
Good in C++.
Comfortable with using hardware debuggers.
Having Hands-On experience with RTOS concepts like scheduling, threads synchronicity , race conditions etc.
Having Solid understanding of interrupt mechanisms.
Experienced in working with different hardware protocols like SPI, I2C, UART, PWM, CAN, USB etc.
Having Solid understanding of interrupts architecture of ARM based microcontrollers like STM32, LPC etc.
Having Good understanding of the concept of bootloaders.
Able to multitask.
A self-motivated and motivating personality who can work well independently as well as part of a team
Having good interpersonal and soft skills who can adapt to the work environment while manifesting a good positive attitude

You are awesome if you are

Experienced in Linux Device Driver development.
Having good exposure of working on and understanding of any sensor modules like GPS, LIDAR etc.
Experienced in data filtering techniques (Example: Kalman filter)


Location: Bengaluru
Company: AUS-Aarav Unmanned Systems

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