About the Challenge
Smart India Hackathon 2022 is a national initiative launched by AICTE and MoE aimed at providing students with a platform to solve some of the pressing problems in smart vehicles, transportation & logistics, robotics and drones, smart communication and many more.
All technology students from AICTE/UGC/IIT/NIT/IISER/IIIT/ Government approved educational institutions for Senior Level & School Students for Junior Level Can apply.
Timeline: Registration deadine – 5 January 2022
Contest Flow:
SIH2022 Software & Hardware Edition: Problem statements submission by Central &State Ministries, Departments, PSUs, Industries & NGOs
Submission of Problem Statements (PSs) by Central & State Ministries, PSUs, Industries and NGOs on the SIH portal. Review of Submitted PSs & finalization by oncerned committee Publishing finalized PSs
Registration of College SPOCs on SIH portal Blocking published PSs by SPOCs of Colleges or Institutes Internal campus hackathon to be conducted in each college or institute by their SPOCs on their blocked PSs
College SPOC to be responsible to conduct internal hackathon in the campus College to finalize total best 5 teams + 2 waitlisted teams from the internal hackathon. SPOC to recommend the selected teams for SIH 2022 Software edition at SIH portal Out of the 5 selected teams per college, 4 can be chosen from blocked PSs & 1 can be chosen for Student Innovation category
Team leaders of the selected teams to be registered at the SIH portal to submit ideas Submission of ideas by selected teams against PSs by college SPOC for the SIH2022 Finale Evaluation of submitted ideas
Result analysis Publishing Result.
Participants can register here.

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