World’s Smallest Hacking Laptop – Electronics For You

In this age of flexible working, the usage of laptops anywhere and everywhere has become a norm. Fast computing machines, especially for programming related tasks, are essential. Tasks including network penetration and testing the potency of malware and virus is often performed in spying and ethical hacking. The user is required to work on a […]

Advanced Navigation Introduces Hydrus Autonomous Underwater Drone

Advanced Navigation, an AI-based navigation hardware company located in Australia, has developed a fully autonomous underwater drone to assist researchers and scientists in overcoming the challenges they experience when collecting underwater imagery and data. Hydrus, the drone, is a ready-to-fly device with an AI-powered sonar navigation technology that allows it to manoeuvre around obstacles like […]

Intel Releases it’s First Discrete GPU Series With Game-Boosting and Super-Sampling Technology

Intel has recently launched Intel Arc, a Discrete Graphics family for Laptops and has announced Intel Arc 5 and Intel Arc 7 for desktops and workstations. The Arc A-series is based on Intel’s new Xe High-Performance Graphics microarchitecture also called Xe HPG, which has been developed specifically for gamers and digital creators. The company claims […]

Chip Development Is Now Possible On Cloud

On 30th March 2022, Synopsys unveiled a new cloud-optimized electronic design automation (EDA) deployment model that provides unrivalled chip and system design freedom through a single-source, pay-as-you-go approach. Synopsys Cloud gives customers access to the company’s cloud-optimized design and verification tools, as well as pre-optimized infrastructure on Microsoft Azure to address higher degrees of chip […]

Changing Path of Electron in Bilayer Graphene By Using Light

Researchers from ICFO, NTU Singapore, and other universities collaborated to find how electric flow in bilayer graphene can be controlled by light. The research showing how light derails electrons through graphene was published in Science. The results of this research can help scientists develop better equipment used for detection and imaging applications. The electronic property […]

Teledyne FLIR Defense Launches A New Lightweight Vehicle Surveillance

Teledyne FLIR Defense, a division of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY), has released a new Lightweight Vehicle Surveillance System (LVSS) with innovative air domain awareness (ADA) and enhanced counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) capabilities. The LVSS ADA C-UAS is an improved version of Teledyne FLIR’s field-proven LVSS platform, which includes reliable, quickly deployable, cutting-edge technologies for detecting […]

Transistors Made From Sapphire-grown Graphene Perform Better

Saudi Arabian researchers have grown single-crystal graphene on insulating substrates at a wafer scale. According to the researchers, this development is important because Field-effect transistors made from a sapphire-grown single-crystal graphene monolayer performed excellently, with better carrier mobilities. “If graphene can be grown on an insulating substrate with a clean interface, certain devices might function […]

Analog Devices WBMS Achieves Automotive Cybersecurity Qualification

Analog Devices, Inc. today announced its Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS) is certified to the highest standard of automotive cybersecurity engineering and management. ISO/SAE 21434 is the new standard for cybersecurity risk management throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle from concept, product development and production, to operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of electrical and electronic systems. TÜV NORD […]

Cost-Effective Solution For FPGAs With Long Lead Times

The difficulties in sourcing FPGAs and the long lead-times associated with it is there for everyone to see. In an effort to help customers, Supreme Components International (SCI) has recently signed up with EFINIX as their franchised distributor. EFINIX is backed by and has investments from Xilinx, Samsung, Alibaba, and others. With their disruptive FPGA […]