About the Challenge
As part of the ‘Startup Innovation Challenge’ early stage technology companies are invited to demonstrate differentiated solutions in the following areas –

5G – Innovative B2C or B2B use cases and applications that can leverage high speed and low latency 5G technology.
IoT – Creating innovative IoT solutions that can power the digital transformation journey of enterprises.
Cloud Communication – Leveraging AI and ML technologies to create B2C or B2B products that can improve customer engagement and experience.
Digital Advertising – Creating innovative and unique ad formats – both digital and otherwise that would make ads or brand promotions an enriching experience for the end customer.
Digital Entertainment – Creating a platform or offering disruptive solutions in music, video or gaming that can support the growth of India’s content creator economy.

Application Start Date: 9 Dec 2021
Application End Date: 24 Jan 2022
Application Result Date: 14 Feb 2022
1st Position – INR 3.5 Lakh
2nd Position – INR 2.5 Lakh
3rd Position – INR 1 Lakh
Participants can register here.

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