18 ~ 960W Power Supplies For Cost-Critical Applications

These metal enclosed AC-DC power supplies for industrial applications are up to 91% efficienct and meet EN 55032 class B emissions

TRACO POWER has launched a new TXLN family of encased power supplies designed for a wide range of cost critical applications with 12 power platforms ranging from 18 to 960 watts.
The low-profile TXLN power supplies come in a six-sided metal case and screw terminal block connections that can be easily and safely installed into any equipment. All models feature:

Universal AC Input range of 88~264VAC
Minimum operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C
±10% Vout adjustment (single output models)
Short-circuit protection
Over-current protection
Over-voltage protection
LED status indicators

All models include an internal filter to meet EN 55032 level B for conducted & radiated emissions. 
As the power increases, features and signalling capability are enhanced to support more sophisticated systems.

Convection-Cooled ≤ 200 Watts
18-500 watts are low profile fitting in a 1U enclosure
Multi-Output 35W & 80W models 
Active PFC meeting EN 61000-3-2 Class D (≥150W models)
≥ 500W models offer remote sense and remote on/off control
≥ 750W offer power OK signal, 12Vsb and current sharing

Products are in stock and available through TRACO POWER’s global distribution network.

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